JulieDesk, your
team of virtual collaborators

Our virtual "emailing" collaborators, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), take care of your appointments, customer care, and lead generation campaigns.

Our "marketing" collaborators take care of your digital communication : search engine optimisation (SEO), community management, Google Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.

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Marketing collaborator

Community Management

SEO including Google My Business

Paid ads

Emailing collaborator

Managing your meetings by email through your calendar

Answering incoming emails from clients/suppliers

Identifying and contacting leads by email & on social networks

Our team

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Teddy, Violetta & Julie

Virtual emailing collaborator

Our team of virtual collaborators : Teddy, Violetta and Julie revolutionise the management of your emails. Identifying your targets on LinkedIn, sending email sequences, answering incoming client emails, managing your daily appointments... They take care of everything, 24/7.

Our team

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virtual marketing collaborator?


virtual marketing collaborator

Paul, our virtual marketing collaborator, takes care of all your digital marketing strategy on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Post creation, search engine optimisation, paid campaigns... Paul takes care of everything for you!


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